Philip Elliott
June 20, 2014

Senate Democrats again outraise Senate Republicans

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats’ campaign arm again outraised its Republican rival last month and borrowed $5.2 million to buy a Capitol Hill home next to its headquarters, according to campaign finance reports filed Friday.

Both campaign groups’ fundraising summaries showed donors were continuing to open wallets. Democrats are defending a six-seat majority, and strategists say Republicans have a shot at winning at least that many races.

Democratic donors gave $8.3 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in May. At the same time, officials said the committee saved $28.2 million.

GOP donors, meanwhile, gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee $5.8 million in May. The committee has saved $22.1 million.

Both committees are amassing sizeable bank accounts to pay for on-the-ground operatives and on-the-air television ads in tight races.

Democrats have outraised Republicans in 15 of the last 17 months.

In all, the Senate committees have raised a combined $154 million.

The Democrats’ summary also showed the committee took on a $5.2 million mortgage for the Mott House, which has campaign committee offices and is a frequent venue for Democratic fundraisers. Senate Democrats for the last 11 years had leased the house, which is located steps from the Senate grounds and is a favorite among donors.

The Democrats’ campaign committee owns a separate office building next door.

Apart from the mortgage, Democrats said their campaign arm was free of debt.


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