Sharing Qualms with Quibs


Take that,¬†cyberbullies — there’s a new site that will silence your taunts. For those of you who have ever felt like you needed some understanding, take your quibs to the — a new website dedicated to students who want to share their bad experiences and hurt feelings. The best part is, people can’t leave negative comments. Users can vent in a safe and anonymous place where others can click “I Understand” to show their support to the person who posted.

As you know, many students face bullying every day and aims to give everyone a protected place to express their feelings without judgment, while reminding users that they are not alone. The founders of the site, Jessica Connally and Jeff Shane, who are students at the Auburn Career Center in Northeastern Ohio, hope to help harassed teens with this safe social networking site. Both Connally and Shane were bullied when they were younger, so they too, understand.

The site also has a helpful list of resources. All users must be registered to share their posts and understanding, but anyone can see the quibs posted in order to increase awareness about bullying.

So, are you ready to let it out anonymously? Vote on whether you think is the next big thing, or not.

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