February 19, 2014

Shelby Holliday Talks with Gracie Gold


Maggie: There are just a few days left in the Olympics and the medal count is neck and neck. Shelby Holliday met up with one skater who is hoping to push the U.S. into the lead. And luckily, her name makes a trip to the top of the podium seem like it was destiny from the start.

Shelby: With a name like Gracie Gold, you are bound to get some extra attention during the Olympics.

Is it scary? Do you ever get nervous?

Gracie Gold: I wouldn’t say scary but you get nervous any time you have to compete.

Shelby: Thankfully, Gracie has the talent to live up to all that hype. Just a month before the Olympics, she won U.S. nationals with a near-perfect performance. And last weekend in Sochi, she skated the best long program of her life to help the U.S. win bronze in figure skating’s new team event.

Gracie: I don’t necessarily consider this team event a warm up. It was definitely a competition for me and it was a chance to, sort of, leave everything on the ice and get another program out there.

Shelby: Now Gracie has a chance to go for gold as an individual when she takes the ice in the short and free program.

What is it like to be representing Team USA as a teenager?

Gracie: It’s a great honor and I’m so proud to be an ambassador for our country.

Shelby: Before Gracie even medaled in Sochi, she was already a golden girl in the media, landing magazine covers and starring in campaigns for major sponsors like Cover Girl and Visa.

When she is not flying through the air, Gracie stays grounded by just being a teen. She connects with friends on Twitter, posts TBTs and selfies on Instagram, and spends time with her twin sister Carly.

Gracie: We love hanging out, watching movies, shopping, just regular teenage things.

Shelby: Another off-the-ice hobby? Juggling. Something Gracie does before every routine.

What is with the juggling? Why do you juggle?

Gracie: Juggling is a way to, sort of, refocus and get your mind off the competition.

Shelby: So far, nerves haven’t seemed to be an issue for the 18-year-old star, who hopes to wow the world in front of the savvy crowd in Sochi once again.

Gracie: Skating is something that the Russian culture loves, and I’m skating to a Tchaikovsky piece, the famous Russian composer.

Shelby: She will have tough competition from Russia’s 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya and Gracie’s own teammate Ashley Wagner. But with the right routine, Gracie is confident that she can win the medal bearing her name.

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

Maggie: Shelby is back tomorrow with another young Olympian making history.

Alright, guys. That is going to do it for us today. But, hey, even if it is not in your name, why not go for the gold today! I am Maggie Rulli and we cannot wait to see you tomorrow!


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