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Shelby Holliday

Shelby Holliday

Shelby Holliday is passionate about all things Millennial. Whether she’s working on a story about politics or prom, her favorite stories involve talking to students and discussing issues that affect the nation’s youth.

Prior to joining the Channel One News team, Shelby honed her journalism skills as a student reporter for Palestra, a college news network with campus correspondents across the country. In addition to shooting, editing, and producing her own videos, Shelby was responsible for contributing live-shots and in-studio reports to Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. Shelby enjoys reporting on a wide range of topics, and some of her favorite assignments include covering the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Kentucky Derby.

When she isn’t reporting news, Shelby loves to travel, relax on the beach, work on crossword puzzles, and spend time with family in her hometown of Denver, CO. She currently resides in New York City and feels right at home in “the city that never sleeps!”

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29 comments on “Shelby Holliday

    1. Mia Castaneda

      Hello!I am Mia Castaneda and I live in El Paso,Texas and I have a story:
      Well I bought 1000 sticky notes and I wrote complements on each of them,
      then put all of them on all of the lockers.
      I did this to see if it could stop bulling,
      so far it works!
      I go to Wiggs Middle School!
      Thank you I really hope you do this story!

      1. Brandy-Andrews

        this is great Mia! I wish I could do that, but they’ll think i am just a suck-up. Keep Rocking! You keep complementing! Great job! :D

  1. 2013-9-22-cheyanne-bullington

    i watched you channel one news shows everyday at South Spencer Middle School But then i moved and i recently started watching these at my house and i Currently go to Central High School in Evansville In and i would like you to Come to my school and meet us and show you what our school is really like you would love it Shelby .

    Cheyanne Bullington age 15

  2. Deeno the DIno

    We ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you show ☺ and NEVER EVER EVER stop making it ☺☺☺

  3. Sarah the Bear

    we love your show here at Hedgesville Middle. They are always encouraging us to visit the webpage!! AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT…BOOMMM…WE ARE HERE!!! My friend Deeno the Dino and I watch the show in homeroom every morning at 730.

  4. Pickle13

    Hi my friend Lucas thinks your so cute he said yester day he wishes he could mary you LOL.hE gets so upset when we dont watch chanel 1 my teacher told him he could mary you in his dreams.So keep rocking on: )

  5. Shelby

    Your awsome my name is shelby too I’m 12 and in 7th grade and you inspire me by what you do you have a strong good heart. <3 u

  6. emily

    this channel one is the best I love going on here and listen to music and I wish there was country music on here to and I love watching channel one videos well the news well that’s all I have to say today we will talk to u tomorrow bye channel one thanks for having you

  7. derek-anderson

    I have a story for you that has to be told on your show. Last Saturday a 6th grader caitlyn jackson from Lakeview middle school in battle creek michigan died from cancer all of the students tried to support her by wearing her favorite colors orange and blue to school some kids made shirts that said things like I support caitlyn and we miss you caitlyn, well the school shot that down and made some kids zip up their jackets if they had one on to cover their shirts that supported the young girl

  8. William the family guy :)p

    hi shelby why dont you reply to these comments ?????? plz answer bak to me thnx i want to ask you another ques. ma’am thanx

  9. maddie forman

    i agree with derek anderson. caitybug was one of my best friends. her death was so hard for me. i cry myself to sleep still every night. caitlyns story is so heartbreaking but thanks to all of lake views support we got our rights to wear our caitlyn shirts. I’ve worn one almost everyday this week. wearing my newest one tomorrow (: caity was an amazing girl and did not deserve to die. or to have our school board do that about the shirts. it breaks my heart to think they did that. and i also feel as if some teachers just don’t care about her death. my teacher has stopped letting us watch channel one because we tell her we think cialtyn is going to be on it. my math teacher also told me it wouldn’t be appropriate to show a video about her. my science and english teachers haven’t said anything. my life skills teacher agrees with my math and social studies teacher and the principals. my dance team coach really cares about this and is helping me so much. please please put caitbug on channel one. it would make a lot of things feel so much better. please help prove to our teachers this is an amazing story and they should agree with us middle school students <3

  10. Gabrel-Piercy

    Shelby you are awesome and never ever give up at channel one keep giving us news we love to hear and keep doing a great job. :)

  11. matthew

    I Love Channel-One because they speak the truth.!. And they all are not playing around about there jobs and there life NOW!

  12. Hope

    I have a question. Why weren’t you there in the last video of the 2013-2014 school year? Every other reporter such as Keith, Scott, Maggie, Tom, and Demetrius were there in the end to say goodbye except for you. If it was personal matters, then you don’t have to answer this question.


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