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November 3, 2013
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Shilpa Narayan

Georgia-born Shilpa Narayan has lived in New York for three years. “In the back of my head,” she explained, “I had always wanted to do music, so I took a job here.”

She grew up with her mom singing Hindi songs. “I would get tunes in my head — I was memorizing them — but it wasn’t until about five years ago,” when she was in college, that she bought a guitar. “I thought I would sing along to accompany the guitar when I created YouTube videos of cover songs.” And then, at her “second performance ever,” she won an open-mic showcase which led her to “people who wanted to manage” her. And the rest is ongoing history.

feature-cover-shilpa-narayanHer first album – about 10 songs — was more R&B and pop. “We were in the studio for a little over a year. I took the time I needed to learn about the industry and myself,” and now, she writes her own songs. “I was terrified of the stage and used to covers, but I’ve since found that the process is scary but also therapeutic. All the stuff in my head comes out.” Her newer songs are “a little more planned. I learned a lot.”

She still gets nervous, “but as long as I sing songs that represent me,” it works out. Her songs are about “love, life, opportunities, being by yourself and being fine with it. ‘Stand Alone’ is about being independent and going for your dream.” Good advice for life and also her advice for someone interested in making their own way in the industry.

“Go for what you’re passionate about, whatever it is, because you’ll be better at it than trying to do something that doesn’t make you happy.”  You can hear her latest below and keep up with Narayan on her Facebook page.

“Change Your Mind”


“Stand Alone”





75 comments on “Shilpa Narayan

  1. Abel

    I love her music, it’s just the kind of dramatic songs I’m into.
    In order of liking:
    1. Renegade
    2. Stand Alone
    3. Change Your Mind

    1. Dipa

      I love her songs a lot and I love indian songs too. You are my idol. I want to be like her. This is the order that I like her songs:

      1.change your mind


      3.stand alone

      P.S. My name is Dipa patel

  2. kendra

    i love the song change your mind luv that song SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ITS SUCK IN MY HEAD LUV CHANNLE ONE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Eli

    She’s hot and my school doesn’t watch Channel One on Wed. cause it’s a short day. But I watched today’s show online and I like her song “Renegade”. I really like the style of music the people at Channel One have. It’s just like listening to an angel sing when listening to Channel One’s music.

  4. starla

    omg im asking you to comment back fave is renegade its awesome but my name is starla speer your awesome and your like my idal for 20 years until you die love you bye!) starla+shilpa=BFFS FOREVER PLEASE COMMENT IM DESPERATE PLEASE

    1. Shilpa Narayan

      Hi Starla!! Thank you so much, you’re too sweet!!! I appreciate your comments :) Definitely bffs! Take care and have a great thanksgiving!!!


  5. starla

    than you so much how much would it be for you to come to ceveland Tennessee and play for me that would make my life worth for

    1. starla

      hi demidakid I love her songs the only thing is that renegade means to disobey and shes saying that she is disobeying hope you txt back :) :):):):)::):):):):):):)

      1. CSK_DEMIDAKID205

        Nice interpretation. I like renegade because it reminds me of when I first started life for some reason. Anyway, I like you alot.

  6. Katie Richardson

    i love your music! it is very inspiring. to me it sounds like you will stop at nothing and let NO ONE take you down! I LOVE you!!!!!!! No homo! Text back please!!!!! You can call me Kaitbug if you want to

  7. emily

    I think that she has a pretty voice but never heard of her till channel 1 I think u all should play more like todays hit like counting stars that is just what I thing no offence

  8. starla

    Well thanks for calling it an it entruption I was saying caus I’m a Christian and I hope you go to church to church isent like pH dear lord I’m to ng to prais you everyday and make it 3 hours long. Its amazing you pray about what’s hurting you and he make people feel bettor but never be like the oh dear god I need to loose weight BC I’ll praise you more be like out there and just say you want to look prettier kk.hope you comment back bye.:)


      I think she meant me. but shidd i am a christian doe. i love the lord. i got saved in 2005. since then, god changed my life. to Him be all power and glory amen.


  9. airika

    I think your awesome your one of the best singer on channel one ever. I whis i could meet you. I am your bigest fan and you are my idol and i love your voice it like slik on a slikly warter its just so beutiful

  10. Shilpa Narayan

    Thank you guys all SO much for the sweet comments and support!!! I put out a video for the song as well which you can find on youtube if you search Shilpa Narayan Renegade :)

    lots of love!



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