December 29, 2010

Ship Breaker


Somewhere south of New Orleans along the Gulf Coast, the predictions everyone made about the region and about the world, have come true. Nailer, a teenage boy with little hope of a better life anytime soon, works as a ship breaker, diving into wrecked oil tankers to salvage what they have left that’s of use.

He lives with the constant threat of hunger, and a continual promise of a big score — the potential discovery of a forgotten pocket of valuable oil on one of the ships.

When a wicked storm leaves behind something even better, an almost unheard of treasure in his part of the world in the form of a shipwrecked, luxurious clipper ship, he must decide what to do. And when he discovers the ship has an occupant, his choice, and his future, become even more complicated.

About the Author

Paolo Bacigalupi usually writes science fiction books for adults, and sometimes they focus on futures where no fossil fuels exist. He has won the Hugo Award and has been nominated for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature for Ship Breaker. He lives in western Colorado with his wife and son.

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