March 1, 2012
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More than occasionally, you come across a band that includes a set of siblings. Less often, it’s the entire band. But that’s not the case with Shudderwall, whose three members are all family. Christophe, Emmanuel and Florence have been playing together since they all fell in love with Prince when they were young.

Based in Cannes, France (like the film festival!), the trio writes together and according to Christophe, “agree with each other every time — it’s surprising,” he explained in a recent phone interview. “It’s one of our strengths. Siblings can have complicated relationships, but with us, even when we disagree it’s easy to resolve.” Though the process of working on each song is a little different, usually “the music comes first, then lyrics.”

“We write about everything, but it’s focused on the human side of things — love, hate, occasionally the environment. But we’re not political.” he shared. Influences include “everything that is good. It sounds a little basic to say that, but everything from Lady Gaga, to Nirvana, to the Beatles to Metallica…we’re diverse. We like to compose in different styles.”

Though they have a catalog of “at least 100″ titles and regularly play live shows around Europe, their self-titled album is what’s available in the U.S. It was produced by Scott Matthews and released a few years ago. They had sent their demo to producers around the world, and after Matthews expressed interest, he traveled to France to record with them. Now, the band is working on setting up a tour for the fall. Christophe shared, “New York would be a dream — but we’re working on getting more support in the U.S., perhaps with a record label.”

“Since You’ve Gone Away”

“The Temple”

“So Close From the Angels”




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