Christa Fletcher
July 24, 2013
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Sick of Sarah


There’s nothing like the sweet sanctuary created by an MP3 player as you relax in your room or go for a run after school. Yet, do you ever feel like you could be suffering from a serious case of playlist boredom once your earbuds are in? Don’t worry, there’s a cure that will save your ears and bring back the peaceful bliss that is your music library.

Ailing iPod tunage, meet Sick of Sarah.

First and foremost, there’s nothing mini about the five 20-somethings from Minneapolis. They’re not only a handful, known for their energy and “general mischief,” they also have vastly different tastes in music. With a punch of punk mixed with pop and rock, these four friends assembled SoS in 2005 and were later joined by their fifth member, Jamie Holm, in 2006. Together, they make use of their eclectic music influences and entertain in a big way.

Not only are these ladies happy to be silly onstage–”we laugh at ourselves,” said guitarist Jessie Farmer–after the show, they love to “kick it, sign some autographs and give some hugs,” said lead singer and guitarist, Abisha Uhl.

Sick of Sarah is on the road to music superstardom, literally and figuratively. The band spends a ton of time on road trips for their concert tour. The girls also won the first round of the Virtual Kaya Battle of the Bands. “It’s always been a dream of mine to be a cyber person,” joked Farmer. “When I was a young girl I wanted to be a Sim.”

There’s no doubt that Sick of Sarah creates great music, but it’s their confidence and fun spirit that will draw you in to SOS fandom. This, combined with their catchy ballads and fun punk riffs, makes Sick of Sarah your perfect antidote to boring music and, quite possibly, your next favorite band.

Check out more on SoS–songs, pictures and fun facts–below!


Not Listening


Give Me A Reason

Hardest Part


Meet the Band:

Lead Vocals and Guitar: Abisha Uhl

Guitar and Backup Vocals: Jessie Farmer

Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals: Jamie Holm

Guitars and Backup Vocals: Katie Murphy

Drums: Brooke Svanes


Band Name Origin: The lead singer's roommate, Sarah, said she was sick of her name one day. The comment inspired the all-girl band to change their name from Sparkle Motion to Sick of Sarah.

Home Base: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Would-be Mascot: Willis, the cat (You can check him out in their web exclusive Video Interview.)


Straight from their monthly blog spot on

"Even though I love drumming more than anything in the world, even though it's the best catharsis I've ever known, it's the fans that keep me playing, that make me want to be better, that make me want to inspire others to do the same, that make me want to come up with something so awesome that jaws will drop."

-Brooke Svanes, Sick of Sarah Drummer

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