Christa Fletcher
January 16, 2009
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Simon Spire


Channel One News has a confession. We are collectively in crush with Simon Spire. Who wouldn’t adore such a polite guy fascinated by Ellis Island with a foreign accent? We know we shouldn’t
play favorites, but this New Zealand import is such a sweetie, we’ve all
moved on from the goofy guys of Flight of the Concords. We asked if he gets
tired of references to Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from the hit HBO
. “No, not yet,” said Spire, 26, in an interview, “I’m proud of those
guys.” With a laugh he added, ” I think they’re hilarious.”

Though the hilarious comedy-music duo share the same New Zealand to New York City
move as Spire, his transition to The States involved packed crowds at clubs
and Jewel’s mom as his mentor. Before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s a
little background

Simon Spire has always been a musician. As a child, he played the piano,
but at 13 years old, he took up the guitar after listening to Nirvana.

After hearing a classmate play “Come As You Are,” Spire said, “I saw that
the music I loved could be recreated on my own — on the guitar,” and so his career as a
singer-songwriter turned in a new direction. Spire began playing in the high
school jazz band and with a cover band that played everything from The
Beatles to Ricky Martin.

“It wasn’t always music I’d listen to on my own, but it was just kind of fun to play those pop songs,” said Spire.

After growing up in Auckland, New Zealand and getting his degree in
finance at the University of Auckland, Spire received his big break when his
father coincidentally met Lenedra Carroll, the mother of pop-folk
artist Jewel in Los Angeles. Spire is now a member of Ms.
Carroll’s artist development project Artist Advantage.

Now Simon Spire is touring in the U.S. and New Zealand and working on his
second music video. He relishes in performing in front of fun crowds
at his shows, “The more packed the club, the more exciting it is,” noted Spire. He also enjoys the art and culture scene in New York. Despite his growing
success and long flights between the two countries, Spires remains grounded
by spending a few moments before shows to “be silent and peaceful” and when
he’s away from the city, he likes taking hikes in nature. No doubt he’ll
never be short of a hiking partner with his growing fan base at Channel One

– Christa Fletcher

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