Tip #1. Make sure your home and school are energy efficient.

It’s not a bad idea to break a sweat at least three times a week, but if the thought of running on the track using a fancy weight machine makes you ill, try doing your body right with daily activities. Check out some of these “workouts.”

NOTE: All calorie counts listed are approximate and will vary from person to person. The figures shown are for a 150-lb. individual. If you’re heavier than that, you’ll burn a bit more energy; lighter and you’ll eat up a smidge less.


Shovel Snow! 30 minutes = 203 calories  If you live in a place that's lucky enough to have powder, the only exercise machine you need is a shovel and driveway. Your body (and your parents) will love you for it.  Turbo Boost: Grab your bro and add a snowball fight to get in some cardio!
Dance! 30 minutes = 171 calories Shaking your groove thang burns a ton of calories and the beat will keep you going. When was the last time you pooped out in the middle of a pop song?  Turbo Boost: Make requests. When they're playing your song, you can't sit just on the sidelines!
Grocery Shop! 30 minutes = 122 calories Mom's out of milk? You make the run! With a purpose and a destination in mind, it's easy to walk at a brisk pace and forget you're actually exercising.  Turbo Boost: Carrying the groceries home and up the stairs adds an upper-body workout!
Walk the Dog! 30 minutes = 149 calories When Fido's got all four legs crossed, you know it's time to take him out, you lucky dog!  Turbo Boost: Take different routes each day so you don't get bored.
Sprint to Class! 30 minutes = 337 calories Late again? Count your blessings! Your high-speed burn to class will increase blood-flow to your brain and make you more awake for first period.   Turbo Boost: Walk briskly between classes for midday mini-workouts. Those minutes add up!
Play the Piano! 30 minutes = 95 calories You don't always have to get up to slim down! Have a seat on the piano bench instead of the couch and you'll burn about 60 more calories in the time it takes to watch one sitcom.  Turbo Boost: Maestro wants you to practice for a full hour? That's breakfast burned!
Clean Your Room! 30 minutes = 216 calories When even you can't find the floor anymore, voila! Instagym. All that lifting, vacuuming and dusting is a cardio workout in disguise.  Turbo Boost: Put on some thumpin' tracks to get you moving.
Smooching. 30 minutes = 36 calories Could there be a more awesome way to work off the chocolate shake you just split? Pucker up and enjoy.   Turbo Boost: Split a Diet Coke instead.

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