Karen Knapstein
January 2, 2014

Sleep No More

Have you ever heard of a car accident caused by a driver falling asleep behind the wheel? It’s a serious problem, and if you’re working on getting your license, something to be careful to avoid. But a new safety feature might help getting behind the wheel get just a little safer.

Students from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City have developed a gadget that helps keep you from falling asleep at the wheel.

The prototype device can look for signs that might be getting sleepy. When it thinks you might be dozing off, it will activate an alarm to wake you, saving you — and other drivers on the road – from an accident.

What do you think? Is this safety innovation the next big thing? Vote in the poll now!

32 comments on “Sleep No More

  1. Hannah H

    This is an amazing feature to help prevent accidents. This will decrease deaths on the road and make driving safer.

  2. Sarah Norton

    Yes it will take away sleeping accents but what about other problems like drunk driving and texting when driving but it is good.

  3. Olivia W.

    I think that its a bad idea. The alarm might cause the driver to unconcentrate and lose control of the wheel.

  4. Reagan

    I think it is on the right track but I feel like this device would not work. What if it detected a passenger falling asleep and set off the alarm or the driver was startled by the alarm and freaked out at the wheel.

  5. Jairo G.S.

    I think it is cool and besides the driver wouldn’t freak out because he would know it will go on when he’s asleep.

  6. Evan Knox

    yes this is cool if it could keep the roads safe then it should be in every car in america the roads have plenty of wrecks as it is. :(

  7. Joel-Newcomb1

    Well what i think is that it schould be elegal to tex and drive and you can talk if you have your phone hooked up to the speakers

  8. Morgan

    I think it’s a great idea. This could prevent car accidents, which is a big problem. I think it’s definitely the next big thing!

  9. Jacob

    nah i might pull on the side of the road or something to sleep and that thing wont quit going off i would just wind up breaking it

  10. Matthew Scott

    yes it would be a good idea because there are lots of people that aren’t very careful at the wheel in many different ways and sleeping at the wheel is one of them. like if u have a heart attack or stroke or are too tired then u can get into more pain at the wheel. this idea can help save many, many, many peoples lives.

  11. Mackenzie-Venegas

    I do not think it will work because only certain noises may wake the person and if they are in a busy place and the alarm sounds like something you would expect to hear in the area also because the person may be able to go into deep sleep


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