Sleep No More?


It’s not surprising to hear that most teens aren’t getting enough sleep – particularly when the recommendation for teens is between nine and ten hours of shuteye a night.

But two new studies out this week show that those guidelines may be off, even though scientists have been suggesting that we all get more sleep for at least a century. A second study, this one from Brigham Young University, says that teens need at least seven hours of sleep to do well in school, but they’re averaging just six and a half per night.

Either way, it’s clear that we all need to get more rest, even if that means shutting off the lights just a half hour earlier. So, how do you know if you’re getting enough sleep? If you wake up on your own, without an alarm or parent waking you up, that’s a good sign. But be honest, how often does that really happen?

We want to hear your take on sleep. Vote in the poll and tell us if you get enough rest each night, then leave a comment telling us why or why not, or what you think would help you get more. Remember, if you’d like your response to be used on the show, please include your first name, state and age.

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