Karen Knapstein
January 30, 2014

Slow Your Roll

When you’ve got just a 20 minute break for lunch, it’s all too easy to shovel in some food without really tasting it. But did you know eating too quickly can have a seriously negative impact on your health? It’s because your body doesn’t have time to process the signals that tell you you’re full, so you often end up eating more than you really need to. What’s more, for some, eating fast can cause indigestion and don’t get us started on the choking hazards.

That’s where this idea for the next big thing comes in. The HAPIfork┬áis a wired up eating tool that vibrates when you’re going too fast. It also connects to all kinds of software that helps you monitor your diet and calorie intake, so if you are trying to loose a couple of pounds, it can help with that too.

Is this next gen fork the evolution of eating? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

Is a fork that encourages you to eat slower the next big thing?

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83 comments on “Slow Your Roll

    1. Niki H.

      This may be the NEXT BIG THING as this product helps you slow down your eating.
      It’s a great idea for losing weight and and having a healthier life where as eating fast can cause these things in a bad way. THE NEXT BIG THING Eat Up:)

    2. Ryan M.

      Why do you need a fork to help you slow down when you eat? You can use your own judgement whether you are eating too fast or too slow.

  1. Sadie

    It will help people with diets and help peoples body have time to digest the food before they go and eat another thing

  2. Nick-Brattain

    This is certainly not the next big thing because its really a fork with sensors that prevents bad digestion that doesn’t really happen often enough for people to spend what was it? 90$?

  3. Merritt D.

    i think some people just eat to fast and if they don’t slow down they might get choked! So i think it will be the next big thing.

  4. Cadence Stephens

    I think that people who want to lose weight will be able to with the HAPIfork. But I also think that if they made a knife and a spoon like the HAPIfork, the market for these utensils will possible go up.

  5. Ashton-Woods

    I’m not crazy about the vibrating stuff if you’re eating to fast, because honestly I ate fairly fast but don’t stuff myself to a point of pain and I do not have problems with my digestive system, but I do believe this would be really useful to monitor the amount of carbs and stuff you take in to keep track of your diet.

  6. Casey Colten

    I think its a little stupid, a fork telling people how to eat? Might as well have a spoon be the president!

  7. Antonio Seals

    I don’t think many people will that much for a utensil. If it does get successful i’ll be very surprised!

  8. Arianna drake

    I think it’s a wast of time and for all that money on a fork. I think it’s a wast for you cash and time.

  9. Bailey Caldwelll

    I do not think the fork thing is the next big thing. One the fork costs 99.99 dollars. Two the fork can scare you by vibrating.

  10. Chickendancer

    Well I don’t think it’s the next big thing because I can eat how I wanna eat….and it might just be annoying and it’s ninty nine dollars are you kidding me I could buy at least ten or more hamsters.

  11. Brianna C

    Excuse me, Channel One, I’m not sure if this is a problem happening to everyone at this moment, but my whole class is unable to vote, but if I COULD, I would say no. Imagine in you’re in the middle of dinner when your fork suddenly vibrates in your mouth? I say, no way is a fork controlling how I eat!

  12. sierra kirsch

    i do not think it will work and what if you need a spoon. it might help with obesity but some things you have to eat with a spoon

  13. brie

    i dont think this will be the next big thing only because if you are in a rush to go somewhere this fork would not help because its only slowing you down

  14. irving

    i think it is the next big thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bryan Stocker

    no no no no this is so stupid and for the high price no way just tell people to watch out – Bryan Stocker Boyle county middle school

  16. Edward Kenway

    No, because if we want to be fat, or just don’t care either way, that’s up to us. It’s not their problem if we’re unhealthy. Plus, if we do care, and notice that we’re putting on pounds, we can get off our lazy butts and work off the fat.

  17. Allison

    I really don’t think people will pay for this especially since it is like $100. I would never actually buy this.

  18. Trinity Wingerter of Crescent High

    I definitely don’t think HAPIFork is the Next Big Thing. It’s supposed to help with choking hazards, but what if someone’s subconsciously shoving food in their face and the fork vibrating makes them panic and accidently shove the fork down their throat? HAPIFork is dangerous and should not be allowed in ‘Murica

  19. Selena Hernandez

    Really? I know that people are fat and all but I think that no one would buy this….unless it became one of those $5 diet plans…..then it might be ok….but for now….its kinda a bummer

  20. Matthew Scott

    i think it could be the next big thing. theyre are lots of people especially people in the united states that eat too fast and also eat to many fatty foods. this fork could be a hero to them and save their lives. and even though that people will still eat fast and wont care if it vibrates, they should sit next to someone like a friend or parent and they can watch out for u too. but I do believe it is the next big thing

  21. Chloe

    I think that this fork is the next big thing. It will most likely have a huge impact on many peoples life. I mean think about how many kids and adults in this world are over weight, if they come out with this inventions then maybe that number will increase greatly. Who knows what the littlest thing could do.

  22. Karen Vega

    Yes because it well help people for diets and it will help you so you won’t eat more than you are suppose you.

  23. Laura Irwin

    A lot of people can barely afford to buy food, let alone buy a fork for $99. People shouldn’t have to pay for self control.

  24. Klase-Nickeli

    I think this is an amazing way to keep a diet, especially if you need to, but you don’t want to. I’m a cross-crountry, track and field, and half marathon (not ready for full marathon, yet) runner, so I need these diets every day, but sometimes i have ice-cream after a race to celebrate a victory! This is an amazing invention and I’m going to have to get some for my family and friends!

  25. Eiffel-911

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G FIVE STARS good for nutrients and diets! But maybe bring the price down for the people who dont have money

  26. Nate-Westbrook

    0_0 WOAH, HOW DID THEY DO THAT?! I eat way to much, so this would be amazing for my diets, but it is a little (just a little) pricy. >:(

  27. Andrew-Jensen

    I think this is a very good thing. I have noticed that sometimes I tend to eat quickly. If I had this I would not eat too quickly any more. I also think it is really cool how it can track all of the food you are eating and what bites you take.

  28. Russell Taylor

    Choking is not fun. I don’t like regular fork. I want that kind of fork that vibrates. The fork with vibrate is fun.


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