Smell Ya Later

You’ve dreamed of flying cars, jet packs and smell-o-vision for years, but could it be that one part of the future might be nearly here?

A Japanese company has come up with a gadget that lets you add a little something extra to your messages or calls. It’s called Scentee, and we’re totally getting one when it becomes available. It attaches to the charger of your iPhone (they’re working on one for Android!) and at the touch of an app, the scent cartridge releases a puff of fragrance.

¬†We’re not gonna lie, it has occurred to us that this idea could be used for evil as well as good, but mostly it just sounds like fun.

What do you think? Is Scentee the next big thing? Vote in the poll to weigh in now!

12 comments on “Smell Ya Later

  1. 2013-8-23-melissa-mena

    yes i think this is the next big thing it sound fun but we should pick our own smells & they should be careful if anything goes wrong something

  2. Kura Happy

    I think its is really cool. But I also think that it is not so great because, what if you send it and the person does not have Scentee then what? I think these people should think this through more to were everyone gets it.


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