A Pencil for Your Nose


Want to make writing in class more fun? Well, we have a neat new way to make your homework fly by- the smencil! Smencils, Smens and Colored Smencils work the same way as regular pencils or pens, they just smell way better. Each pencil is scented with a unique, delicious aroma that will make your mouth water while your filling in a Scantron (they’re no. 2s, so you can even use them on standardized tests).

Smencils are made of rolled sheets of recycled newspaper, soaked in gourmet liquid scents, and then formed into a cylinder. You can even see layers of newspaper when you sharpen one. They even come in different smells and colors so you can pick out your favorite. Each colored Smencil matches the “color” of its scent. Root Beer is brown; Grape, purple; Black Cherry, black; Cinnamon, red; Very Berry, blue; and Orange, well…it’s orange.

While all this sounds great, we do wonder what happens if the person sitting next to you is using one, and you think it smells like bad grandma perfume. Attacks to your nose when you’re trying to concentrate can be tough.

So what do you think? Will scented pencils make writing more fun? Vote in the
poll and tell us what you think.


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