March 18, 2013

Snapchat Sexting Scandal


Scott: Nude pictures of some students at Ridgewood High School in New Jersey have spread across social media, starting on an iPhone app called Snapchat, then ending up on Instagram. Officials say two female students took X-rated pictures of themselves and sent them to at least one boy through Snapchat. The girls probably assumed the pictures would vanish. Instead, the images were captured and shared.

Meghin Ryan: Everyone’s seen them and they kind of, like, get around pretty quickly. But I would say, like, our grade is, like, the last grade where it’s not, like, the social norm to do it.

Stephanie Weston: Texts, snapshots, like, in the past, like, few months. I think people that sent out the pictures are the ones that should be in trouble, but not the girls who took them.

Superintendent Daniel Fishbein: The police are still investigating the matter and they’re telling anyone in possession of these photos to erase them.

Scott: Ridgewood students involved in this Snapchat scandal were given until 7a.m. this morning to delete the questionable material to avoid more serious trouble. After the amnesty period is over, any student who still has the pictures could be charged with what is called a delinquency complaint. And anyone over the age of 18 could face possession of child pornography charges with as much as ten years in prison.

The superintendent sent out a letter telling parents to be vigilant and monitor their kids’ devices.

Lori Muller: We do talk about with our children and we hope they make the right decision. I think some kids just don’t think before they act.

Scott: Many students and their friends assume it is safe to post whatever they want on Snapchat because the images disappear within ten seconds. But anyone with a smartphone knows you can snag a screenshot in a fraction of that time.

Sam Gruchawka: My mom talks about it like, ‘make sure that nothing bad is on your Facebook ever.’ Because if it’s up there, people will – like, employers – will look at your Facebook.

Scott: Proof that once something is on the internet, it is almost impossible to erase.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.


3 comments on “Snapchat Sexting Scandal

  1. Taylor Hedges

    i think sexting is the worse thing anyone could come up with. I mean showing peoples bodies is ridiculous its just not what a christian person like me would do.

  2. Morgan

    Everyone has sent nude pics.. but it’s gross! and everyone sees it eventually.. so whats the point in showing one person, when everyone will see it eventually. they can see it in a week, or in a year! it doesn’t matter, because once something is up on the internet, its on there forever!


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