Karen Knapstein
May 19, 2014

Snooze! Don’t Lose!

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If you’re like most students, waking up is hard to do.

And often because of reasons like bus schedules and lunch periods, as you get older, you end up going to school even earlier. But as students get older, their body clocks tend to shift, leading them to want to stay up later and wake up later in the morning. What’s more, competing demands on their time mean that they’re often up late finishing homework, leading to still more lost sleep.

That’s why some school districts are making a change. Two years ago, Glens Falls high school in upstate New York moved their start time from 7:45 to 8:26. And even though there was some initial push back, a month after making the switch, students were getting between 20 and 45 minutes more sleep each night. And initial numbers show they were also showing up late less often, having fewer discipline referrals and the number of failing grades was cut by half.

What do you think? Would a later start time make your day — and your report card — any better? Vote in the poll and tell us where you stand. 

26 comments on “Snooze! Don’t Lose!

  1. carter

    yes! if this happens, i wont have to sleep on the bus! i could get better grades! i could get more of the sleep i NEED! my mom makes me get up early, so this would give me more time to sleep! brilleant idea!

    1. neven hill

      hi guys I think that if they did that it would give us more time in the afternoon to hang out with people so yes I think they should do it

  2. Tayor

    Yes, because even though we may have to stay in school later, more kids will get more sleep and be able to concentrate more in class. In a result their will be an increase in some kids grades.

  3. austin johnson

    i think school times should be from 10 to 4 so that kids can have more sleep and have a more focus day at school and most likley learn more than they would at a regular school time.

  4. Karson

    I think that school should start later. It will let students be more awake during class and not sleeping which will make there grades better and help them pay more attention!

  5. Kalvin Meyer

    I think it would be a great idea. At my school in California, my group and I are doing a report and survey on sleep deprivation, almost everyone here thinks it’s a great idea. I just thought it was cool that this topic got brought up.

    1. Cassidy-Reed

      No, school shouldn’t start later. The sooner you get to school… the sooner you can get out of school!!!!
      ~Cassidy Reed

    2. Cassidy-Reed

      No, I don’t think school should start later. The sooner you get in school… the sooner you get out of school.
      ~Cassidy Reed

  6. Mimi

    Our school starts at 7:30! I really think school should start later so that our performance can improve so it is a win win!

  7. Kaylynn

    Yes, more sleep would be better because, I believe teenagers would focus more and concentrate more. I STRONGLY agree with Carter.

  8. Mya -Mundell

    I think that we should have later start days because I think it really will help people out and every minute counts when you got to get up so early

  9. Breanna

    i think they should because by the weekend I need sleep so much i don’t wake up till around 10:00 but also so many people sleep on my bus the bus drivers have started having to check the seats when they pull up to the school in the morning. also all my friends have better grades in the afternoon then they do in the morning.

  10. Mystery person

    I do think schools should start later because we need our sleep. if someone goes to bed late then they would not get their 8hours of sleep. we need time to do what we need to do like get ready and eat breakfast etc.

  11. airika -west

    school should start later when i go to school im si tired in my first i also get up at 5 am that really sucks

  12. Sammie

    I wake up really early in the morning so it would not effect me, and the same for most student’s in my school Ms Coal CIty

  13. C.J. -DeGroote

    i think it would be good because studies prove that students who get more sleep have better grades and the kids don’t have to suffer from sleep deprivation.

  14. Angel-Torres

    No. This is not a good idea. People need their study time. Penderlea sure does most kids just don’t want to listen so if you take away time we will have less time to learn. I am against this because it’s not fair to the kids who want to learn.

  15. Lizzie

    We should definitely get later start times especially because of how long it takes for those to get ready ranging from an hour to 20min. When kids get up early they are usually tired for at least 1st period

  16. Meredith the Anonymous Enigma

    I don’t think schools should start THAT much later, because then the day would end later and kids wouldn’t have so much time in the afternoons and evenings. That said, I think 7:25 in the morning is awfully early for school to start. I am at school every day at 7 o’clock or earlier, and get up at 6. My counselor says that research shows that the teenage brain physically doesn’t start working until 9 o’clock in the morning. My hardest class this year was first period, and AP Human Geography REALLY isn’t the best class to fall asleep during. People will say the best solution is to simply go to bed earlier, but what about us night owls? I’m at my peak in terms of energy at about 10 o’clock. By 11 I forget that if I don’t go to bed I will be extremely tired in the morning. No matter how early I go to bed, come morning I’m still exhausted. There should be some sort of restriction on how early schools start.


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