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September 4, 2013

Social Media Monitoring


Shelby: When a school district in California introduced a new surveillance program this year, the goal was to help students who are troubled or depressed. But, as Scott Evans tells us, some teens say the schools are taking things too far.

Scott: Texting, tweeting, posting – all ways you communicate with each other. But now, the social media sites of all 13,000 students in Glendale, California’s middle and high schools are being monitored.

Superintendent Richard Sheehan: The whole purpose is student safety.

Scott: School officials hired a company called Geo Listening to track students’ online posts. The goal, to intervene when students talk about suicide, bullying, violence, or even substance abuse.

Sheehan: Basically, it just monitors for key words, where if a student is considering harming themselves, harming someone else.

Scott: Some students say monitoring them won’t be effective.

Ashley Sandoval: We rebel. If your parents come and tell you, “Oh, you can’t do this,” you’re going to go and do it just to show them that you can. So, I don’t think monitoring us is going to do us any good.

Scott: Geo Listening collects information from sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – publically accessible social networks. The company said in a statement they ‘… don’t monitor private emails, text messages, phone calls or voicemails.’ Some say it might make students think twice about what they post.

Michelle Wright: There’s a lot of cyberbullying that I’ve seen. So, I think if the school gets involved that it’s wonderful. It’s a win-win.

Scott: But the American Civil Liberties Union is more concerned about how it impacts privacy and civil rights issues.

Brendan Hamme: We’re looking for what privacy safeguards are put into place, how the information is being utilized, how it’s being stored and kept, if there are restrictions on how it’s shared with other entities.

Scott: Geo Listening claims it isn’t prying into the lives of teenagers, just giving the old-school notion of ‘hall monitor’ a high-tech twist.

Scott Evans, Channel One News.

Shelby: Thanks, Scott.

Now it is your turn. Should schools be allowed to monitor the social media accounts of students? Head over to and tell us why or why not. We will read some of your responses tomorrow.


19 comments on “Social Media Monitoring

  1. Abbi Torres

    I don’t think they should because we don’t look through their stuff, and It’s rude looking through other peoples things. It’s kinda like looking through somebody diary.

  2. Chloe

    I don’t think that they should monitor students! We all need our privacy! What if us students were to look at your every day conversations on facebook or skype or a website that is private to you! NO MONITORING FOR US!!

  3. COLT Class

    Our class believes this is not okay because students need their privacy, especially when they are not in school. In order to prevent students from accessing social media they could block these specific websites using their wifi settings.

  4. Jonathan Mata

    People are suffering from being cyberbullied and teachers are just trying to help, even though they are invading your privacy they can be able to help you when you need it.

  5. Cedrick Griffin

    I think this is not okay because students need their privacy and not only that but sstudents will not be talking to each others as much as they do now.

  6. 2013-9-4-Alana -Schmitz

    No, I think schools shouldn’t make sure kids don’t talk at all on social media sites because if kids don’t talk about it then they’ll keep hurting themselves and won’t get any help from friends and people they trust and would talk about it with.

  7. andrew tinco

    i think that schools should not monitor students beacuse everybody need privacy and we all have a diffirent life in being parents should check there phone to see what there doing on social media and on there text messages to see what is appropriate or inappropriate.

  8. jordan mike dean collins

    (yes) kuz if one of the kids talk about killing a kid at school their teacher can take care of the case for that the kids do not get killed. (TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED)( NO BULLING ZONE) :)

  9. 2013-9-5-anita-baker

    i think they should because kids need the help of teachers in school as well online with cyber bullying i wish it was in Arizona as wekk

  10. Lincoln Elementary East Side WY

    no that’s like so not ok you people should not even know there number. i would get rid of my phone and that invades student priority. And that’s kinda scary to know that someone is watching you text and hearing you speak at the moment. How do you people even know there number? Wired !


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