May 15, 2012

Social Media vs.Yearbooks


Josh: One thing that just about every high school senior buys is their high school yearbook. But this classic way to capture the past may be becoming a thing of the past.

For the second year in a row, staff at Salem High School in Salem, Virginia, has won the gold crown at the National Scholastic Press Association awards. Their achievement? Producing one of america’s best high school yearbooks. But some say that is yesterday’s story. Yearbook sales are down at some high schools and the culprit just might be Facebook.

“I know whenever I have a chance I’m always on Facebook. Every spare moment I’m on Facebook. So, it’s really popular.”

Josh: You would be hard pushed to find a teenager who isn’t on Facebook. And with instant access to hundreds of pictures of your friends and the pictures of their friends and of their friends’ friends and of greedy kittens, is the yearbook becoming a thing of the past? Some high school advisors say…mmm, not so fast!

“Yearbook is something that encompasses everything. It goes over the entire school. There’s not one group or class that’s excluded we try to include everybody.”

“I feel like on Facebook you can go on and look at pictures on a daily basis but you don’t have that historic document that you can keep with you.”

Josh: And perhaps that is the thing. Facebook accounts will come and go. But once your grinning mug is stuck in that fateful yearbook page, it is there forever.

“I think it may have some ground but I know a lot of people who value having something they can hold forever.”


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