Solar Sockets


If you think solar energy options are the future of power and will soon be running everything from your car, to planes to the A/C in your house, this little version of that might be for you.

The window socket is a solar-power outlet designed to charge just one thing at a time — by sticking to a window and collecting the energy from the light that’s shining through. The creators say it takes five to eight hours to be fully charged and it will keep your devices powered for ten, but that’s enough to power a phone for a whole dark night of texting, right? It’s not quite ready for public consumption yet, but this is one idea that we think the world might be ready for.

But what do you think? Is the solar socket the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think!

3 comments on “Solar Sockets

  1. elizabeth

    i think this one will be awesome because what happens if your phone dies then you have the solar power sockets with you to charge your phone so i say yes


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