Karen Knapstein
September 12, 2013

Sole to Sole

Does it seem like someone is always in need of a little juice for this or that device? And someone is always scrambling over finding a charger or a plug?

This idea for the next big thing is a variation on charging stuff using an alternative energy source, like the sun, but in this case the source of power is…you! SolePower is a walking (or running? how about skipping?) powered charger for your devices. It was developed at Carnegie Mellon’s engineering department as a student project that ended up being funded on Kickstarter.

All you’ve got to do is plug into a battery installed on an insert in your shoe. The energy created when you take a step is converted into usable energy that is stored in a rechargeable battery. The ultimate goal is to be able to charge an iPhone with two and a half miles of walking, which may seem like a lot, until you go on any kind of hike and end up with a dead battery.

So what do you think? Is charging up with your shoes the NBT? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts now!


89 comments on “Sole to Sole

    1. Isioma Nwaezeigwe

      I say the shoe that lets you charge things while you walkis genius. That means you won’t have to find an outlet to carge your stuff.

  1. Johnny Shirer

    I think it’s a great idea charging on the go and helping less fornicate. we don’t use the power we create by walking anyway

  2. lacey

    I don’t think it would be a good idea, i mean just think having to walk with that on the sole of your foot, its got to hurt.

  3. mandy gamez

    i think this would be good,because if you do track or cross country that it’ll be helpful for you to run longer distance and faster

  4. Amber Raley

    I think this will be useful for when people are walking and they get hurt, their phone isn’t dead. And a lot of people who like their phones will be able to charge it when it dies.

  5. Shaquandraneeza

    This invention has SOOOO MANY practical implications; from charging your phone while you walk home from school to powering flashlights after a hurricane, this device is AWESOME!

    1. 2013-9-13-Jessica-Leigh

      Well, by the look of it, and what they showed, there seems to be padding within the charger, and between your foot. I am worried it will take up room in your favorite pair of flats. Although, lets hope you don’t walk two miles in flats.

  6. Aleah

    I think that having to walk 2 miles is very smart & very cool because you don’t have to be in a house or in any type if building to charge it !! You can just be walking any where & it’s just really cool & if it was in stores a lot of people would buy it !!

  7. Aurora Marruffo Age 10

    I think it is AWESOME because i have track and cross country you can run and charge your phone, IPod, or maybe even an IPad. I <3 running soo go for a jog and bam your phone is charged.

  8. 2013-9-13-Amber-Smith

    I personally think this is a FABULOUS idea. not only does it benefit us when there is no outlet around to charge our dead phone, but it is also motivation for some people to start exercising :) I love it!

  9. 2013-9-13-Joey-Amend

    I agree that it is a great idea, but i don’t think it will appeal to consumers. depending on the size of the insole, it may be uncomfortable for people with different feet. Another point is that while most people do not walk many places, they drive their cars, and phones have car chargers that are easy enough to use for the majority of people.

  10. 2013-9-13-Jessica-Leigh

    Well, it is a very convenient, and yet smart idea. With some many ideas arising for the up-and-coming New Year, this is quite the idea. For all the trouble we go through all the time, with are phone dying in school, or just when we need it most, the is a great, and sufficient idea. All though, I don’t think it’ll last too long. As the years pass, we will find more sufficient ways to convert organic energy into battery-power, it will be off the market. But, hey, I’m no fortune-teller.

  11. Haylee Givens

    I believe that charging shoe soles would be an amazing way to save electricity and get our electronic devices charged at the same time! Exercise is also extremely important and charging soles is a great idea.

  12. Ariane

    I think this is a wonderful way to gain more energy since we are running out of fossil fuels. Also if your phone or other important electronic dies you are not left without a way to contact your parents or siblings.

  13. 2013-9-13-Preston-Karcher

    It’s definitely a step in the right direction. The soles are even designed specifically with comfort in mind by podiatrists so that you can’t tell the generator is inside, so you don’t need to worry about it causing pain or messing up your arch. I only wish they were being released sooner (the estimated release is June – December 2014).

  14. jeremy davidson

    I think its awesome for one we are not using as much power and then when I go n running all the time my phone won’t die I want one where are they they are awesome

  15. Addison

    I think it’s a great idea because you probably walk a lot during the day and if your phone dies you have the charger right there in your shoe.

  16. April Xiong

    This is definitely the next big thing because it provides free energy while getting people to walk and run more often then they usually do.

  17. shealyn

    I think no cause would if your phone or what ever falls out of your shoe and you step on it or the phone or tablet can’t even fit.

  18. 2013-9-17-Cameron-Norris

    Imagine being lost in the middle of no where and u need help just use the phone charger and use the phone and call for help

  19. Elaine

    I don’t think it should be put in a shoe. All I’m thinking about is someone stepping in a puddle and then the device being defective as a result.

  20. Mabry Brown

    I think this has to be the next big thing!! People are always sitting down next to there chargers just to get up and sit back down on the couch with there phone. This not only will this get people up and running, it could improve child obesity!! I could use a bit more running my self. this just might be This thing to get me going!

  21. Ian D.

    This will change the world we live in and may get many people to start running and it will give us a nice exercise while charging our phones and things we use every day. This will impact the world because we always wait and wait to charge our phones and tablets well now we can while keeping us healthy!!!

  22. Janice241

    I love the idea! It is very unique, and if your obese and your phone dies, you can double-task by walking or working off body fat and charge your phone at the same time! :)

  23. Tiffany.

    Yes, Yes, Yes! This Idea is perfect, if you have a power outage or something, and you rely on your phone, this would be a great thing to have! This Idea really stuck out to me, it’s simply brilliant!! (:
    I think this would top all of the ideas I’ve seen so far!

  24. Moses Baby

    I LOVE this idea! Usally i paly on my iphone all day so when i need it it is always about to die. if I have a shoe that charged my phone i would never half to worry about not haveing any battery. This invention id DEFINATLY the next big thing!!

  25. Kinzi

    That is an awesome Idea! When I traveled to D.C my phone was always dead. I walked so much & that would have beeen awesome!


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