Somebody’s Watching You?


Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? Before you get too creeped out, keep in mind that they’re also watching everyone else.

A new system being tested in two San Antonio schools is doing just that, but it uses a chip placed in every student’s school I.D. card to track who is at school and where they are when they’re there. The schools also have a number of cameras installed. All of this begs the question, why?

The fact is, even though you may not think missing a day or two of school isn’t a big deal, every day you miss means less learning. There have even been studies that show students who miss class just don’t do as well as students who are there. What’s more, the same science says that if you attend a school where lots of students are often absent, it has an effect on how much YOU learn. It turns out that sometimes showing up really is half the battle.

That’s why school districts around the country are pushing initiatives to keep students in class. There’s also another reason – schools are allocated funding based on how many students they serve each day at their school. That means if lots of students are often missing, the next year the budget is cut.

With those two facts in mind, what do you think? Should schools implement systems to keep students in class at all costs? Or is this just an invasion of privacy in disguise? Vote now in the poll and leave a comment to let us know what you think. Be sure to leave your name, age and state if you want your comment to be on the show.

One comment on “Somebody’s Watching You?

  1. sarah

    i don’t think that they should follow the student . so student don’t want to be follow, to know what they are doing.


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