March 14, 2012

Southern Primaries

Santorum took two states, but only half of the delegates.

Gary: Shelby, the big question going into Tuesday’s primaries was which of the four Republicans still running for president could take the South. Voters weighed in, in both Alabama and Mississippi.

Rick Santorum: We did it again.

Gary: In Alabama and Mississippi, the big winner was Rick Santorum.

Santorum: This is a grass roots campaign for president. Who would have thought that we could defy the odds, day in and day out.”

Gary: Newt Gingrich is vowing to stay in the race until the end.

Newt Gingrich: You can go back on Facebook, Twitter and email. We will continue to run a peoples campaign. I believe that after the primaries are over, it’ll be obvious that the so-called frontrunner, in fact, didn’t get there. And we’ll have a whole new conversation.

Gary: Mitt Romney campaigned hard in Alabama with help from comedian Jeff Foxworthy. And he continued to attack President Obama.

Mitt Romney: I think its time to send a president to Washington who can fix things in this country.

Gary: Ron Paul did not activiely campaign in Alabama or Mississippi.

And shelby, a new national CBS poll found nearly three out of four Republican voters predict that Mitt Romney will be the candidate running against President Obama in the fall.


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