Sports Injury Quiz


Spend the end of a game benched with nothing but an ice pack and aches to keep you company and you’ll know: Sports injuries are a pain.

You don’t have to have been sacked by a 300-lb. lineman or beaned by a wild pitch to get there, either. The vast majority of sports injuries are sprains and strains — and they could be prevented by taking a few simple precautions.

Do you know what they are? Check yourself with our sports injuries quiz before you hurt yourself permanently.


Sports Injury Quiz

Unless you like pain, take this quiz to avoid it during the game.


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5 comments on “Sports Injury Quiz

  1. Zaquiri Henssen

    I think schools should not ban any fun and entertaining games from school, event though they might be dangerous, it’s the kids choice whether or not to play games.

  2. Troy Miles Jr

    I think that the rules are to strict and taking it to far. In life you are going to go through pain and suffering and sometimes injuries. But if you do stuff like this, than kids will start overreacting to small injuries.

  3. Maddy B.

    Kids deserve to play at free will. No school should ban sports. I thought we wanted to get kids active. How can they be being active if they are doing nothing at recess?

  4. Maddy B.

    Injuries will happen some times but just because of that kids shouldn’t have things that they love doing with their friends or by their selves band. Its their choice.


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