Karen Knapstein
January 9, 2014

Sports Stats

If you play sports, you might want to take a closer look at what might be the most stat-obsessed coaches you’ve ever met masquerading as normal looking gear.

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and the Babolat Play Pure Drive tennis racket are both embedded with electronic sensors designed to monitor all sorts of things, including spin, acceleration, impact, number of strokes and more. The equipment is connected to apps, which let you know and analyze where you’re at…and offer suggestions for improving your game.

Though they’re designed less for teams and more for individual training, and they’re not exactly cheap, we think the concept of keeping track of your improvement and having goals to shoot for is pretty cool. Plus, we bet a high school physics teacher could come up with some pretty interesting experiments using the tools as well.

We want to know what you think. Are smart sports the next big thing? Vote in the poll now!

80 comments on “Sports Stats

    1. Bre Bre

      Yes I think that smart sports are the next big thing because the coaches will now of the players were hurt and if they can help them or not.

    2. amauri-friday

      i got a basketball my self but how in the world do they put technology in a basketball.i steel don’t get how the tech in it doesn’t break :( ??

    3. Carly

      I think it is a good method because if you are bad of keeping track of strokes or want to keep your record it will help you!

    4. Halle Renee Theno

      It is because for me its hard to pay attention and many people play basketball this will help whith them I love chanel one wach it everyday

  1. Ozborne Gould

    I think that the sports tracker, if it tracks your move, might remind you and give you an advantage but you won’t know until you find out by using the sport’s tracker.

  2. Kevin Erazo

    Player want to increase thier skill in the sport and they cant really do that without knowing thier exact results in the game

  3. Mackenzie

    I don’t think this is the next big thing because there isn’t a smart ball thing for all the sports like really what about soccer or baseball or any other sport.I bet before 2019 someone will create a floating building.

  4. Bailey

    I think this sport app thing is pretty cool. It would be so much easier for coaches to know to give what position to each player. When the players are shooting they can know how good their shot was.

  5. Jerald Drummond

    I think this big thing is stupid because we don’t need machinery to tell us how are shot is, were capable of telling are self if were gonna miss or not

  6. Cait

    This seems like an awesome idea! It could be a great way to improve skills such as force & consistency & possibly numerous others! #awesome!

  7. Zack Alex Sipes

    I believe that sports are the best thing in the world, and this is amazingly awesome opportunity to find out what we are missing right after a shot is made. I think i want one of these Yah! Love ya <3

  8. dd bb

    i think it will be a big hit because if you have a computer as a coach you will be the next pro basketball star.. now you can have an apple ball.

  9. Bryan Peinado

    I believe that its a great way to see if were are improving in the sport we like. We should now when were are improving or need to train more.

  10. Karan Rana

    The Smart Sports are the Next Big thing because it help you learn better and you will improve your skills and talents. Smart Sports are the next big thing.!!

  11. AnnaBeth

    I think that Smart Sports is TOTALLY the next big thing! my little cousin plays basketball and is dying to have one!!

  12. Carrie

    I think that Smart Sports is definitely the next big thing! They will help us improve, and maybe then we can do better on the field, or court


    I think it should be the NEXT BIG THING. it will be way much easier and cool for coaches to check your basket ball shooting and tennis hitting on school basketball and tennis teas. plus kids, teens, and adults will have so much fun with this new invention. I would bye it if it is the NEXT BIG THING.

  14. Zoe

    I’m not really a basketball person so this isn’t helpful for me. But I think people who are more into sports my find it useful.

  15. jasmin loera

    i think it is the next big thing because it will know how hard i hit the tennis racket and i will need a basketball like that so i can make an basket.

  16. Darriel Darden

    Yes, I think it is a good day because you keep track on how far you hit or how hard you hit and you’ll get better on that particular sport and maybe be good at tennis like Serena Williams.

  17. Enrique Zetina

    I believe these will help with training and give players an advantage, but I believe they should be affordable to all families and schools because the more wealthy areas of the US will use this new technology to excel over more impoverated areas.

  18. Carter-Rickell

    The ONLY way to prove if you’re a REAL athlete or not is to not use some new super gadget gizmo stuff and use the CLASSIC style equipment!

  19. Ashley Sanders

    I think its a great idea! Why.. because I play tennis and I think it would be a good idea to see what I need to work on and if I am improving:)

  20. Ashley Sanders

    It also tells kids that they have the strength and ability to play and it will make them feel good to know that they are improving:):)

  21. Julia-Crow

    I don’t think smart sports should be made. Sports are fun without technology added onto them. It’s just going to be another way to make money for people. – Julia C.

  22. Raptor

    I’m not a sports person but my younger sis is. She’s really into basketball and this would help improve her shooting in the backyard without her coach being there. Wonderful idea. I hope this keeps kids moving!


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