Karen Knapstein
December 8, 2013
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Stages & Stereos

This fall, the stage was set for “51 days, 42 shows across the U.S and Canada. The biggest tour of our lives,” explained Stages & Stereos’ Donnie Webb. It’s in support of their latest EP, “Small Town Favorites,” and the Florida-based band has truly grown into it. Together since 2007, the band was a part of various iterations, some of them with other bands entirely, but this combination has been playing for a year, with Webb on Drums, Ian Edge on bass, Zach Schweizer on guitar and Daniel Lancaster on vocals.


For Webb, music started when he was about 14. “Some friends were into guitars and the bass, but then I got a drum set for Christmas. I took lessons and learned theory from teacher and I ended up playing with another band. We did a lot of touring.” They were on the same circuit as Stages & Stereos, and they had the same “pop-punk influence — bands like Blink 182 and Green Day.”

They started playing together after Edge, the bassist, returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Their writing process is straightforward. “Basically, Zach or Daniel will come up with a chord structure and emphasize their part, then I write the drum parts and Daniel writes lyrics. We write about relationships, friendships, things that people can relate to.” With their formula in place, they soon had songs and an EP — and they hit the road to support it.

Touring and recording are “two different worlds,” Webb shared. “One, you can zone in on something and work to make it great, but you can also get cabin fever.” On a tour, you “see the country and travel, but it’s less creative. You’re not writing.”

Keep up with the band on their Facebook page and Twitter feed and make sure to check out tracks from “Anchorless” below.



“Coup de Grace”





2 comments on “Stages & Stereos

  1. Ethan Martin

    I live in Meridian, MS and I go to middle school, people say that nothing special really happens to a kid my age, especially one who lives here, but music makes me feel different, unique. I love to sing. But I’ll leave to you guys for now. Keep on making music to inspire. I love it.

  2. Cheri Earp

    I am so proud of these boys for following their dreams and being such a success at doing it. My son, Ian Edge, is such an inspiration to me after everything he has been thru with his tour of duty. I wish all the band members great success and happiness.


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