October 29, 2012
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State Your Cause


What’s not to love about a band that keeps a behind the scenes blog of their tour that focuses mostly on what they eat? When we spoke with vocalist James Scott, he talked about how touring has “it’s up and downs,” but from the looks of the menu it’s mostly up. He also shared that he “misses home, but shows every night are amazing.” Between the shows and the road food, then, sounds like the life of touring musician is pretty good.

Now on their second release, Steal the Stars, State Your Cause started playing with their current lineup when Scott, after first hearing them while a student at Ohio State, followed up with their MySpace page (back when “MySpace was still popular”) and found that they were on hiatus. “I started as a guitar player, playing with my brother. We come from a musical family,” he explained. When he contacted them, ge found that their singer had dropped out. It was his opportunity to hook up with the band. Since then they’ve “never stopped.” Their sound, which he describes as an “honest and energetic soundtrack for life” is a “complete team effort. It’s chaotic at times but that’s how it works.”

Though they’re spending a lot of time on the road, they’re also writing and recording parts of their third release. Meaning the band is well on their way to making music a career. “It is possible to do that,” he shared. “But don’t stop. Don’t have a false sense of what’s going on in the industry.” To make it happen “you have to absolutely love doing this. You might not be making a lot of money but you do have hope.”

In addition to their blog, you can keep up with State Your Cause on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“Bring You Back”

“Leave Tomorrow Behind”

“Song for Sylvia”

“Steal the Stars’




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