Christa Fletcher
July 23, 2013
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Stefani Vara


Once upon a time, a young woman dreamed of becoming a singer. She left her home in Houston to pursue music in New York City after high school, turning the page on her childhood and moving forward as a pop artist.

For Stefani Vara, the next chapter of her life began when she put together performances for New York showcases complete with backup dancers and musicians. And eventually, Vara’s commitment to these shows caught the attention of Siri Music CEO Chauncy Jackson, who signed her with the label. “We were on the same page musically,” Vara says of Jackson. “Labels are not taking time to develop artists, to make their careers last longer. That is what I love most about [him]. He has taken the time to work with me.”

Though Stefani Vara could easily be the next knock-out pop star, this songstress is keeping it soulful and chic, while working as a model for Adidas and as spokesperson for Southpole Footwear.

Of her recent single, “Lately,” Vara says, “I really enjoy the track because they’re going out of the box a lot. It’s not the same pop song you hear over and over again.” This commitment to an eclectic sound combined with skilled producers like Insomniax (JoJo) and Chad Beatz (Rhianna) creates a unique blend reminiscent of 80′s pop with the fluid sounds of contemporary female vocalists.

Stefani Vara’s desire to experiment with her music and work outside genre classifications allows her more freedom with her songs. “Pop, R&B and a dash of Rock. I’m open to where the sound is going,” she says of her songs. Her latest single, “Water,” is an example of her experimentation. Other artists like Gwen Stefani and Timbaland share this up-and-coming penchant for mixing styles and were a favorite among concert goers and radio DJs alike. If the success of these genre-blending artists is any indication of the arc for this young star, then we can only assume she’ll do well.

No doubt Vara’s catchy songs sound familiar, but they are different enough to hit the top of the charts. This is one story book we can only guess will continue with more chapters of Vara’s success.

For more on Stefani Vara, check out her songs and photo gallery below.





Hometown: Houston, Texas

Personal Motto: "Live the life you want. You're the creator of your destiny."

Self-Description: "personable," "goofy" and an "organized dreamer"

Record Label: Siri Music



Garth Brooks
Paula Abdul
Mariah Carey
Marvin Gaye
Diana Ross


Plans for the Future:

"I love performing. I want people to get excited about coming to see shows and I want people to see that there's more to me than being a singer."
-- Stefani Vara



"Lately" (2007)

"Water" (2008)

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