Karen Knapstein
December 19, 2013

Step It Up

A few shows ago, we told you about a charger you could use to power up a device like a phone by using the energy in the steps you take. Now, a company has sort of done the reverse, by creating floor tiles that capture the kinetic energy created by the steps you take that can be used to turn the lights on.

They’re using the tiles in a British school, which sounds like an ideal testing ground for the technology, which was created by a company called Pavegen. The company says that the tiles, which are made of recycled material, have the potential to not just light the hallway, but they could also be used to charge a phone or small radio.

So what do you think? Is power-walking the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us!


50 comments on “Step It Up

    1. Cortney Bergeron

      I think these are very efficient for saving money and electricity that we use at our schools everyday. I say yes! Let’s step it up!

    2. Breanna Richmond

      I think this is a good idea especially because today we use to much electricity. If we had those we reduce our amounts of electricity used. I think it is a very good idea and it is just because you walk and make electricity, how cool is that.

    3. Danielle

      I think it is a great way to save electricity and it will help the environment too. So yes I think it is a amazing idea.

    1. Sarah

      Well you got to think where would you put them and if you will walk there every now and then. How would they connect to the lights

  1. taylor s.

    The tiles can charge a phone by walking, ,it will save a lot energy. It’s definitely the next BIG thing! P.s. Can i get them in my house soon?

  2. Evan Knox

    wow i think that’s cool even though i don’t walk a lot but if it can charge my phone i’ll start walking everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!
    START WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS THE NBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rob

    I would love to have that at my house, Id be doing jumping jacks while charging my phone. Exercising and charging my phone, 2 in 1. Cant wait for it to be in the market.

  4. Adam L

    I think it is the N.B.T maybe it could light up the whole world. it just needs to take time to regenerate, with the students of today.

  5. Andy-Rousonelos

    Bring On The Step Tiles! These can slow down global warming and help people have more natural ways of making power! Ther are even made of recycled materials!

  6. jazmyne

    this is the next big thing. Because think of how much money we are saving people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean with a couple steps in school our stuff is charged!!!
    and its free for us when we charge our stuff. this thing is cool ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Matthew Scott

    it is cool no doubt but I think that its not worth it really much because you ronly saving electricity when u walk on the panels in the floor. to keep saving electricity u would have to keep walking and walking all the time so that the more someone walks the more power they save so I don’t think its worth the time to keep walking and walking. its too tiring. of course it would be great exercise but this might be too much


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