December 17, 2012

Stop School Violence


In 2007, Virginia Tech University suffered a great loss — 32 students and faculty died at the hands of a disturbed student who went on a rampage. Last January, a gunman killed 6 people and left 19 injured at a shooting at a town hall meeting in a grocery store in Arizona. Over the summer, shootings took place in a crowded movie theater during a screening of the newest Batman movie outside of Denver and at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. Friday, another shooting took place at an elementary school in Connecticut, killing 20 children and 7 adults.

These tragedies serve as a reminder to look for signs of trouble and to seek help before violence escalates.

Often violent behavior comes from students who have a mental illness that can be helped if caught early. Frequent loss of temper or vandalism can be signs of a person who needs help.

High School and college can be difficult times of transition — knowing how to look for the signs may help prevent school violence. Be the person who speaks up and stops a tragedy from happening at your school.

If you know about a weapon threat at school, don’t delay — tell a trusted adult or call the toll-free number 1 (866) SPEAK UP, a nationwide anonymous hotline.

After the tragedy, the community is pulling together.


A worker who turned on the intercom, alerting others in the building that something was ...

Friends and family are mourning the three teens who were killed.

Scott Evans talks to students about how their town has changed.


A look at a proposed law that would allow guns on campus in Arizona.

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