Stratos Launch Livestream

Skydiver and extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner hopes to take a big leap tomorrow, attempting the highest free fall in history with the goal of breaking the sound barrier — and providing valuable data to the aerospace community about pressure suits, space tourism and safety.

According to the AP, “weather permitting, Baumgartner will be lifted into the stratosphere around 7 a.m. MDT by a helium balloon that will stretch 55 stories high. Once he reaches his target altitude, he will open the hatch of his capsule and make a gentle, bunny-style jump. Any contact with the capsule on his exit could break open the pressurized suit that will protect him from temperatures as low as minus 70 and a lack of oxygen. He hopes to reach a speed of 690 mph to break the sound barrier.”

To watch his entire trip online, stay here. You can learn more about his jump in the video below and on

the mission website.

UPDATE: This Sunday’s leap was a success. You can read more about it and the records he broke, here.

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