January 11, 2010

Stressed Students


Feeling stressed? Aren’t we all? A new study shows that teens today are five times more likely to experience anxiety and mental issues than kids of the same age during the Depression Era.

Do you think this is true? Tell us if you think you have more stress than your parents or grandparents had as a teen. And, if you do feel stressed, what do you think’s causing it?



"I think students are way more stressed now than they were in other generations. They have more peer pressure to deal with, more crime in their schools, and they have to worry about work and college."

-- Crystal, 13, PA


"I think our generation feels more stressed because of the hard economy. I know I'm not old enough to probably know, but I guess these teens/college students are worried about money. That's probably the big issue: money.

The thing is, I do believe we at this age have more stress then other generations, but probably not as much as our parents. They have to pay for the house bills, food, etc. But money seems to be an issue to them too sometimes our parents might not have enough money to pay for the bills and stuff like that. "

--Ashley, 12, TX


"I think my generation does deal with more stress because schools are cracking down harder it's harder for us teens to get jobs with the failing economy and our social life in general is stressful."

--Trevor, 17, IL


"Our generation is dealing with more stress and I don't even think our parents even realize! Balancing sports, a job and school is very hard then when we get home they expect us to get our chores done along with our teachers expecting us to get our homework done. "

--Melissa, 18, OH


"I think kids parents deal with more stress. They are worried about paying bills and having to find ways to send their kids to a good college. Kids are more carefree and just want to live life."

--Quinton, 14, IN


"I think our generation deals with more stress becausee we have to work a lot harder for a diploma."

--Tyrell, 14, MI


"I think it is true because there are not enough jobs and not enough money to support your family."

--Autumn, 11, MI


"I think that the teachers make the stress they keep giving kids and teenagers to much work to do which makes us want to do better in school that's what makes all the stress."

-- Michael, 13, NC


"I think it's harder on teens because not only do they have school, but also have more trouble finding a job in these hard economic times. "

--Dylan. 17, KS


"Yes I think this generation is more stressed out because it is more difficult to find a job without an education than it was in the past years."

--Maria, 13, AZ

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