January 11, 2012

Students in New Hampshire

This group is getting a firsthand look at the election process.

Shelby: They live in New York, and their state’s primary isn’t until April. But that didn’t stop one group of high school students from taking a trip to New Hampshire this week. Check it out.

These teens got a rare chance to work with presidential candidate Newt Gingrich while he was on the ground in New Hampshire trying to win over voters.

Sixty-four seniors from Mamaroneck High School in New York went on a three-day trip to New Hampshire, the center of all the political action this week. It was part of their government class. And they got to observe the political process up close and personal. They worked for different candidates behind-the-scenes and saw what it takes to win a vote.

Alex Krences hit the streets and tried to convince people to go to a town hall for the Gingrich campaign.

Alex Krences: Some were okay, thank you very much. Others said, ‘yeah that sounds very exciting, I’ll certainly be there.’ And then there was the occasional, ‘I’m not into politics, please leave my property.’

Shelby: During their time in New Hampshire, students got together for breakfast and swapped notes about the different candidates they were assigned to work for. Gaby Markey made calls for Mitt Romney.

Gaby Markey: They gave you a script.

Shelby: Maddy Josel said she is a democrat. But working for Republican Romney may have changed her mind.

Maddy Josel: I think I would definitely consider it after this experience.

Shelby: Michael Comerford is a diehard Republican and a diehard Ron Paul supporter. Check out his tie.

Michael Comerford: It’s difficult. You get a lot of arguments, debates.

Shelby: Their teacher, Joe Liberti, led the group working for Newt Gingrich. He even asked the candidiate a question at his press conference.

Joe Liberti: What would you say to young people on the left and the right about why they should care about politics the way it’s functioning now?

Newt Gingrich: First of all, thank you for coming up here and thank you for rising above partisanship to make calls for me. I think that’s very cool.

Shelby: The teens said it was very cool that a major presidential candidate talked directly to them.


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