May 7, 2013

Study Room Makeover

Maggie Rulli gets some expert advice to create the perfect study space.

Maggie: Meet Naomi, a 17-year-old senior with one very cluttered study space.

Naomi: Money, my comb, hair accessories.

Maggie: Meet Maxwell, a former schoolteacher. He has now become a kind of room therapist.

Maxwell: I found that the students who did the best in my classroom actually had the best homes. And that didn’t mean that they had richer homes or poorer homes. It wasn’t like that. It was a home that was well cared for; that was organized and neat.

Maggie: He founded the website Apartment Therapy with tips and ideas on how to transform your living space.

Maxwell: Our mission is to help people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy.

Maggie: The mission today? To turn Naomi’s chaotic room into an efficient and welcoming workspace without spending any money.

What are some of the biggest problem areas in your room?

Naomi: The whole room? A new study area would be really nice. I would really like that. I guess, someplace to put everything.

This is where I stay.

Maggie: Our teen study room makeover starts with a tour of the room.

Naomi: I mean, I love my flags, so they’re obviously going to stay.

Maggie: Now it is up to Maxwell to work some magic.

Maxwell: And you’ve got all this stuff crammed into this corner and the bed in that corner, that what I want you to think about is we are going to rearrange this room. We’re going to expand the room. So, what I want you to think about is the future.

Maggie: Are you guys ready to get to work?

Naomi: Yeah! Definitely.

Maggie: Alright. Count of three, Naomi’s future.

Maggie, Maxwell, Naomi: One, two, three! Wooo! Naomi’s future!

Maggie: But before we start moving things around, everything – and I mean everything – has to come out. Maxwell recommends setting up a keep pile. And an outbox for all the stuff to toss.

Experts say you should keep your study space well organized, remove distractions and, most importantly, make sure that it reflects your personality so that it can work best for you.

With everything out, time to make those big changes. The tall, metal rack is moved across the room. The bed gets turned around. Everything gets cleaned. Naomi’s flags get a brand new home. And the keep pile is brought back in. Two hours later, it is the big reveal.

Maxwell: Alright, Naomi. Come on in. Take a look.

Naomi: It looks so great and different!

Maxwell: What I tried to do was separate the bed area from the work area and put the most cluttered area, which is going to be the work area, and put it on the wall to your back as you walk into the room. So visually, as you walk into the room now, it looks a lot more open and feels more open.

A great study space has more room than you need in terms of your desk to work, and it has just enough storage for what you are working on everyday. As a student, give yourself a really good desk. Give it the biggest wall. If you needed more space, give yourself more space.

I loved her flags and I loved all of her artwork. We kept it all, but by taking it and, sort of, organizing it better and lowering it on the wall, we lightened the room. We gave it more visual space.

Maggie: A total study space transformation for exactly zero dollars.

Maxwell: In all my years of working with clients, Naomi was the best client I have ever had. She got rid of a lot of stuff. She welcomed the change and enjoyed the result.

Naomi: It is definitely going to stay like this for a long time.

Maggie: Maggie Rulli, Channel One News.


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