Karen Knapstein
September 26, 2011

Stuff You Missed


While you might not have missed ALL of this, we thought it was time for a quick rundown of headlines you might not have caught last week.

First up, filed under “Awww,” Taylor Swift has asked 18-year-old leukemia patient Kevin McGuire to be her date at the Academy of Country Music Awards after his sister started a Facebook campaign to encourage the singer to go as Kevin’s date to the prom. Which do you think is a better ticket, the awards show, or the prom?
Next, did you watch the Oscars? Based on what Justin Bieber had to say in a cameo during the show opening, you might not have (missed it? you can watch it here) but there were a few memorable moments, even if Hugo seemed to have stolen all of Harry Potter‘s thunder. In addition to Bieber, the show featured a hilarious Emma Stone presenting an award with Ben Stiller and big wins for The Artist.
Last up, have you heard about the new line of Nike’s, Foamposite Galaxy, causing “sneakerheads” to go a little bananas at shopping malls around the country? It’s true! The shoes, which will set you back about $220 (in a down economy!), have caused problem in Florida, Maryland and Illinois and are selling for as much as $7,000 on eBay. (I just checked). Whoa.

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