Channel One News now offers educators a choice to receive Channel One News in their classrooms via subscription. In addition to the daily broadcast, our subscription service includes daily curriculum that is tied to each day’s show.

Digital video content can help drive technology adoption in  classrooms and Channel One News provides an original daily news program for kids that puts world events in context, while encouraging discussion, critical thinking skills and analysis.

Key Features of Channel One News: curric-screen-shot

  • Real world, authentic learning anchored by a daily news program that provides headlines and feature stories with a natural focus on non-fiction content.
  • Multi-modal learning — by watching, listening and promoting discussions among peers that are guided by questions included in our daily teacher notes.
  • Interdisciplinary daily instructional routine aligned to the Common Core State Standards provides:
    • Content review using visuals and text.
    • Interactive activities that provide differentiated instruction using textual and visual hints, short answer feedback, vocabulary pronunciation and definitions and more.
    • Writing activities focused on the non-fiction content and expository writing that supports critical thinking and allows for authentic assessment.
    • Short quizzes with answer support allowing motivation for students and traditional assessment opportunities for teachers.
    • Anytime, anywhere access for flipped classroom and BYOD programs that increase student engagement and foster 24/7 learning.
    • Flexible use cases from front of the classroom learning with an interactive whiteboard, to tablets, smart phones and laptops linked to digital video projectors.
    • Parent engagement, bringing important conversations about current events from the classroom back home for dinner table conversation.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Digital literacy
  • Global citizenship
  • Civic engagement
  • Family communication

To find out more about how to get a Channel One News subscription for your class or school, click here or call 888-467-3784.

Click here to find out more about how our product supports Common Core State Standards (PDF)

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