Summer Boredom Buster


When summer rolls around, your schedule opens up and the days get longer. Find some fun ways to pass the time with helpful quizzes and games to keep you entertained during break — whether it’s a great new book, the perfect swimsuit, a new sport, or a cool song to start your summer soundtrack.




Whats Your Summer Jam?

The right song can set your summer mood. Find out your summer jam and get your playlist going.


"Dude, it's pretty closed out. Let's grab some grub and come back to see if ...

Are you a Bikini Babe, Tankini Mini or One-Piece Wonder?

Be your most confident self in swimwear that suits your personality and summer style. Whether you're ...


Planning on spending the summer glued to your beach towel? Then you better bring a ...

Quiz: Score a Summer Gig

Have some fun, make some money or get away from it all-- take this quiz ...

Find out whether youre cut out to bond with Mother Nature.

Do the sounds and smells of the woods make you breathe easy or break out? ...

Leave your beach blanket at home -- this is one sport where digging your heels into the sand is only the beginning.

Hey, beach v-baller. What do you know about this sandy sport? Dig in to the ...

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