August 12, 2013

Summer Lab Program


Scott: Summer vacation. For some, it means pool parties or camp, maybe even work. Now, we caught up with some teens who did something totally different with their summer vacation and traded in their shades and sunscreen for a microscope.

Professor: Fibers are localized to one specific area.

Scott: Sophia Short didn’t get to sleep in this summer.

Sophia Short: It’s totally worth it. It’s completely worth it to just be able to learn so much.

Scott: Instead, she spent her sunny summer days in a research lab.

Sophia: It’s really neat and lets us look really in depth.

Scott: Sophia was part of a research program at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences, where she got to learn more than she ever could in a high school lab.

Sophia: I like science, but in the future, I’m interested in going into a medical career. So, it’s good just to have experience so young.

Scott: Sophia is studying how the brain helps control body fluids.

Athena Chatzigiannidis: We’re at 67 over 85.

Scott: Athena is another student in the program. She is studying how salt affects kidney function.

Athena: When an opportunity like this arose, I couldn’t not take it.

Scott: She wants to be in the medical field and says because it is so competitive, you have to set yourself apart.

Athena: I could be hanging out with friends or at the lake or doing things like that, but instead I’m here in the lab and I’m getting this research that so many students can’t say they had the opportunity to do.

Scott: Researchers say learning skills early is key and they are impressed with how much these students already know.

Professor Kathleen Curtis: They have the interest, and so seeing that interest really stimulated, seeing the lights come on, the what you just saw – what we saw today – that, ‘That’s so cool!’ That’s what it’s all about.

Scott: Sacrificing a little bit of their summer to help advance their careers.


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