Sunshine Powered Showers


Do you ever run out of hot water at your house? What if there was a free way to make sure the water temp was always heated up for a warm shower? 

People have heated stuff using the sun since…well…that was probably the first way people warmed things up. But with modern plumbing, we let electricity take over, and for most homes that means a hot water heater that needs fuel, as well as the occasional case of running out of heated water. Students at Goshen College wanted to do something about that, and make their school a little greener at the same time. They created the Sun Shower Collective, which created a hot water heater that uses solar power to warm water. Sounds pretty clever, right? 
Their system uses a huge holding tank and some clever ideas from physics to make sure the school’s recreation center has enough water for three to four days of supporting the system, all with minimal help from the power grid. 
What do you think? Is solar-powered the shower of the future? Vote in poll and tell us if this is the next big thing!

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