Karen Knapstein
January 30, 2014

Super Bowl Sharing


Each year, the National Football League invites students (and anyone!) from around the country to participate in Super Kids-Super Sharing, a program that puts gently used athletic equipment into the hands of young people that can use it.

And each year, they make a special effort to collect donations from the Super Bowl host cities. As you saw on today’s show, Shelby Holliday was there for this year’s big give. But If you want to get involved with the program, you’ve got to get in touch with the people that run it, right?

This one is a little old school — there’s no website — but you can contact Susan Groh, Project Manager, NFL Environmental Program at (401) 732-0342. Learn more about the effort here! (PDF)


Have you ever seen something on Channel One and wondered how you could be a ...

5 comments on “Super Bowl Sharing

  1. Noah Devoe

    The Seattle Seahawks probably got lucky this year but they will get beat bad by the broncos next year. Manning and the broncos just had a bad night. Manning can’t do it by his self. He just needs to stop fumbling and getting intercepted. But any way the broncos will come back next season.


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