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January 30, 2014

Super Sharing


Scott: The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means that events in New York and in New Jersey are in full swing. And as Shelby Holliday shows us, people are finding different, supercool ways to get in on the fun.

Shelby: The tickets have been printed, merchandise manufactured and the trophy polished. Super Bowl XLVIII is taking over New York City!

Jennifer Valeriano: I think it’s super exciting!

Amber Alirhi: Everyone’s so psyched at our school, and everyone’s like, “Oh my God! This is actually happening!

Shelby: The big game is going down on Sunday between the Seattle Seahawks and my hometown team from Denver. Broncos! And fans everywhere have been getting pumped up all week.

Football fever is sweeping across the New York area with the Super Bowl right around the corner. But today, it is all about super kids who are donating sports equipment and all kinds of other items to schools in need.

So, Ryan, you and your buddies are out here donating a bunch of goods. What did you bring today?

Ryan Wilson: We brought a bunch of sports equipment. We brought baseballs and footballs and soccer balls.

Stephanie Salas: In one box we had at least 106 cell phones.

Student: We brought a lot of books and a whole lot of school supplies.

Shelby: The event, officially known as Super Kids-Super Sharing, is an annual NFL tradition. And it is one of 35 charity and community outreach events taking place ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.

Kevin Booth: I’m Kevin Booth of the New York Giants and I just want to thank you guys for coming out here today.

Shelby: Cheered on by their hometown heroes, students from more than 100 schools in New York and New Jersey donated about 40,000 items this year. More than half were books. And the rest ranged from school supplies and old cell phones to all kinds of sports equipment.

So, check this out, we have got hockey sticks, he have got some sports pads, we have lacrosse equipment, we have even got some helmets. That will keep your head safe!

Jaiquawn Jarrett: It’s the little things that you don’t have that you need to play the sports and even to use in the classroom. So, you know, it’s going to go a long way.

Shelby: Playing school sports isn’t cheap. On top of equipment costs, most families pay about $100 in athletic fees per student, per sport. As a result, lower income students are less likely to join teams compared to their higher income peers.

Booth: A lot of people might not be able to get a lot of these items that are out here, but with this event and with the Sharing Kids Project, it’s really helped provide an opportunity for a lot of other kids.

Shelby: The donations collected here will benefit young people in low income schools, homeless shelters, after school programs, and even in poor countries like Haiti. Proof that sports are about much more than winning games.

Student: We’re a small school, but we have big hearts! Yeah!

Shelby: That is what it is all about!

Shelby Holliday, Channel One News.

Scott: Did you like the NFL Super Sharing Project? Well, do you want to make an impact of your own? Well, head to to find out how.


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