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If you’ve ever reached into the fridge for something that was a little beyond its “best by” date, it’s not an experience you’ll soon forget. That’s why this idea for the next big thing might be sweeping the grocery stores shelves before we all know it.

Smart tags are gel-based, temperature sensitive tags that turns from red to green (that might be a little confusing…) as the food goes from fresh to spoiled. The creators of the tag think it will be great for keeping people from accidentally eating spoiled food, but also in letting them know when something that they think might be suspicious is really O.K., preventing food waste as well. The tags also work for medicines, so no more wondering if that bottle of pain killer is actually going to help your headache.

So what do you think? Vote in the poll to weigh in on smart tags. 

24 comments on “Tagged for Freshness

  1. lisa

    I just don’t think it is necessary to have a device that tells us what to eat and what not to eat. It’s just common sense,if it’s over the date,don’t use it.

    1. Jeremy

      This label will help us save food no one wants to waste food. wasting food is wasting money. This label will help us save food and money.

  2. carter

    this idea is absolutely brilliant! this is THE next big thing! now i can know if the milk is sour BEFORE i pour it into the cereal! the expiration dates are never right anyways! SMART TAGS FTW!

  3. Austin Crowder

    Yo I think that is the bomb and also that freshness thing is not just the next big thing it is the SUPER NEXT BIG THING…. take freshness to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Donna-Weikert

    “We think this is a great idea. It would help us know when we can eat stuff and when it would be dangerous.” Mrs. Weikert’s Functional Academics Class at Dripping Springs Middle School

  5. Isaac Roby

    It is a good idea because that milk says the expiration date ismay 8 so would if it was still good you never know

  6. izzie

    i think its very cool that people have started to make stuff like this, but what happens if for some reason the tag comes off? do you just put another one on? and wouldn’t that just be wasting money AND technology? they should just install something like this INSIDE the thing that you would normally use it for.

  7. Justin Joiner

    I believe that it is helpful, but what if you forget the tag is on there? It will be a waste of money, because all you’ll do is do your old routine.

  8. Qur'aan Tolson

    Yes no more drinking chunky stinky milk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Erin

    I think that it is important because lots of people don’t take that kind of thing into consideration, and can get serious health problems because of it.

  10. Konrad

    I think it would be awesome because then we can tell when their is only one day left then you could feed it to the animals or eat it.

  11. Braiden

    I Really don’t Think its needed… Its common sense to tell if food Had gone bad Or if it Is fresh.

  12. Kaydence Stevens

    Yes, I think that this is the Next Big Thing because sometimes the “best by” labels are hard to find. I remember one time I was fixing a bowl of cereal and i poured milk into the bowl. It turns out that the milk expired one week before! Afterwards I got really sick (duh!). But if I had the Smart Tags, I wouldn’t have gotten sick. So this is the next big thing!


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