organ donation
scott evans
March 4, 2014

Teacher Donates to Student


Maggie: More than 100,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant and someone new is added to that list every ten minutes. Right, Scott?

Yeah, like one student in Colorado. That is, until she received the gift of life from an unlikely friend.

Students: Hi! How are you?

Jen Sculley: I’m good how are you guys?

Scott: It is a warm welcome from students for Jen Sculley. The physical education teacher is back at Denver’s East High School after five weeks away.

School administrator: The kids missed her and we missed her.

Scott: Jen was busy saving a life. She was donating a kidney to a teenager with a debilitating disease, a student who had kept her illness a secret until now.

Jen: This is my girl.

Scott: Madi Ferner was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease when she was just six years old.

Madi Ferner: They thought I was going to die when I was little.

Scott: Growing up, Madi had been quietly fighting to survive at the mercy of modern medicine.

Jen: How many surgeries have you had?

Madi: Like close to thirty at this point.

Scott: Jen felt the need to help the student who shared the same name as her favorite aunt.

Madi: There are people out there begging for kidneys, and then she offers me it like, ‘oh here, have a bag of groceries’ or something.

Jen: It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most amazing.

Scott: Now Jen is feeling good. And when asked what words she would want to hear from her aunt, her answer is simple.

Jen: Good job!

Scott: Madi’s secret is out.

Madi: In order to take our experience and really do some good, I think that people need to know.

Scott: The two are bonded for life, grateful, hopeful and an inspiration to others.


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