September 26, 2013

Teen Business Owners


Scott: Have you ever thought about making a business out of some of your favorite things? Well, here is a story about two young people who are doing just that, and in a major way. Demetrius Pipkin has more.

Sydney Rieckhoff: Just let me know what flavor you guys want.

Demetrius: In a world comprised mostly of adults…

Sydney: Yeah, any of these flavors.

Demetrius: …You would think Sydney Rieckhoff…

Sydney: Thank you!

Demetrius…Was just your server.

Sydney: This is called The Chill, and we serve chocolate-shop ice cream here.

Demetrius: But this is no typical part-time job for Sydney.

Sydney: People are pretty amazed when they hear that I own it.

Demetrius: That is right – the scheduling, the ordering, and, yes, even the firing.

Sydney: It is kind of awkward when I have to see them in school.

Demetrius: She is only fifteen and already owns her own business at the Newbo Market in Iowa. And she is not alone. Across the country, 54% of young people have either thought about, or already started, a business of their own.

Customer: Thank you.

Demetrius: Just ask Sydney’s younger brother Carter.

Carter Reickhoff: People come and visit and they are like, ‘Where is the owner of this business?’ And then everybody points at me. And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’

Demetrius: He owns CR Popcorn, every 11-year-old’s dream, right?

Carter: I have always loved popcorn since the day I could eat it. So, yeah.

Demetrius: And although business is often an adult’s game…

Carter: This is just my starting business.

Sydney: This is going really well. So, I don’t know, maybe I’ll open a couple other stores or something.

Demetrius: …These kids are clearly holding their own.

And there is nothing stopping you from starting your own business as well. Experts say come up with a specific idea – one that can make money – and then use sites like WordPress and Paypal to help create an online presence. After that, you can just use your friends and family to help spread the word about your business.

Now, Scott. Back to you in the newsroom.

Scott: Thanks, Demetrius.

And for more information on how to start your very own business, head to


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