January 31, 2012

Teen Donates Books

How one student collected and gave away 20,000 books.

Scott: Can you imagine your school library or classrooms without cool books in it? Or if you had to share one book per class? Due to cut backs for some schools across the country that is a reality. And when a student in New Jersey heard about the problem, he set out to do change it! Check this out.

Meet Lucas Gabriel, a 10th grader from the Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey. He is on a mission to collect books.

Lucas Gabriel: We have schools that would donate them. We put bins out and sent emails out to all the students, and also go door-to-door and drop off flyers. And then they would call and we would pick em up.

Scott: Lucas had heard that there were a lot of kids that didn’t have access to books at home and that many schools had to cut book buying from their budgets. So, he enlisted the help of his community.

And now he collected… (drum roll)… over 20,000 books. Yes! Twenty thousand! And last week, he loaded them up in Uhauls to donate to the Center for Fiction in New York City, who will give them to kids who need them.


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