Alex Honeysett
January 13, 2014

Teens for Jeans


If part of your “New Year, New You” resolution involves cleaning out your closet — or, more importantly, giving back to your community! — check out our friends at’s Teens for Jeans.

More than 1.5 MILLION teens and children are homeless, and 1 in 3 people experiencing homelessness is under the age of eighteen. One of the most requested items of clothing by homeless young people? A pair of jeans.

Which is where you come in! If you (like, ‘ahem, some of us) have a few extra pairs of jeans you’ve outgrown, never get around to wearing, or are generous enough to part with because you want to help, head over to and sign-up for the campaign. Then, tell your friends about it, grab those jeans and drop them off at the closest Aéropostale.

We love this campaign so much we’re going to show off the ways you and your friends are donating your jeans by featuring your pics on our show! For the next four weeks, we’re choosing one winning pic a week and highlighting it on the countdown of our show. So grab your jeans, snap a pic and tag it #Ch1TFJ on Instagram!

To learn more about the campaign — and the amazing prizes and Aéropostale are giving out just for being a part of it — head over to the campaign page at and get started making an Impact! 


Have you ever seen something on Channel One and wondered how you could be a ...

17 comments on “Teens for Jeans

  1. Logan

    Channel one is awesome I watch it ever day. Are teacher has been watching it for 23 years now. His name is Mr. Mack. I don’t know where to leave a commits so I just did I here. Thanks

  2. Ria

    This is so cool…Is it the first time they’ve done this? if its not this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Its true I do have a few pairs of jeans that don’t fit anymore. Do you just take them there or do you have to fill something out?

  3. Logan

    Hi channel one I was wondering if you could mention to our teacher Mr.Mack because he has been watching you guys for 23 years. Please

  4. yasmin

    hehe agree haha lol for reals doe im watching the grammys i love music who agrees mmmmmm sike no for reals doe obey my comment hahha lol jk im from wapato middle school and we love channel one news its the best !!! obey

  5. Dylan White

    My church (Fayetteville Cristian Church) did what we did in Summer In The Son in 2013. We made shoes out of old jeans that we no longer wear and we cut them into different shoe peices and then send it to a place that needs them the most and the women sew them together to give to the kids


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