Test Scores and Perks?


Last week, a California school had to make some changes to a new policy.

The idea was to encourage students to do better on standardized tests by giving them perks – free admission to athletic events, discounts and even a special line in the cafeteria – when they did well. The issue, however, is that the kids who didn’t do well didn’t just get the privileges, but that everyone also had to carry a card and a notebook designating their status, making their score a very public piece of information.

Critics said the cards isolated students who didn’t do well through no fault of their own – like learning difficulties – and made the kids who did well feel superior to those who didn’t.

Proponents of the plan said it was a simple way to provide motivation to all students to focus on the tests. Because of a law in California that makes the program a privacy violation, it’s already been canceled, but we want to know what you think.

Vote in the poll and tell us if you think students who get better scores on tests should be given perks for their success.

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