Karen Knapstein
April 10, 2014

Text Now, Book Later

There’s a reasonable amount of debate about whether or not the way we communicate sometimes — through IM programs, texting and sometimes just with pictures — is a good or bad thing. But at this point, it kind of doesn’t matter because it IS the way most of communicate, at least some of the time.

And if you think that some of your best communication ever is done via text, you might be into this idea for the next big thing: The TXT Book. It’s an app that lets you covert a group of text messages into a print and paper scrapbook, photos included. You choose the text and images, and then the app lays it out into a printable form that let’s you preserve the best (or the worst, up to you) of times into a forever format.

So what do you think? Is an app to help you preserve your digital communications the next big thing? Vote in the poll and weigh in! 


34 comments on “Text Now, Book Later

  1. Gabriel Farrell

    Why would you make the messages into a book? There is a reason the messages are electronic. Maybe I would give it to someone as a going-away gift, but not just to read. That’s a little strange. Besides, you can just read the messages on your phone. So no, I don’t think this is the next big thing.

  2. Gabriel F.

    No, I don’t think this is the next big thing. There is a reason why text messages are electronic. Maybe I would give this to someone as a going-away gift, but not just to read it together, which you can do electronically. Also, you would have to update the book every now-and-then. It would save time, paper, and energy to just keep it all electronic.

  3. Brady B.

    I don’t think it is the next big thing because you can save it to your camera roll. That one of the reasons technology was created.

    1. Madge

      WOW! I’ve been waiting for something like this! Now I can keep records of business conversations. I can now have a text trail!!

  4. Raymond-Davis

    This is not the next big thing who would save there text messages as a book the person you text already knows you luv them no need to show it some more

  5. kiwi mc awesomesauce

    I don’t consider this the NBT because it seems purposeless. I could see some people using it but I think it’d only be a few people.

  6. Billy Bob Joe

    This is worst then the spoon that tells you to stop eating fast, and I don’t want my parents to seeing my texts when I say “Mom, look at my private texts!” In my opinion, this is plain old dumb.

  7. Hailey E.

    Yes! My best friend and I have great memories through our text messages, so this would be great to have to be able to keep and remember them.

  8. Denise_Porter

    :D omg! i would love the text book Because there’s some text messages i would like to save as a book and if i go away for the summer or something i can read all the messages i send to my friends :)

  9. karina stock

    Why would you text and then make a book about your text? Your text are privet you should not share your text. Keep your text to your self. As a Cincinnati person you would want to keep stuff personal. If you share your text you are sharing your whole life with others even your deepest darkest secrets.

  10. Halle Shumaker

    Sometimes, with an iPhone, it deletes your old messages automatically. This idea is a good way to preserve some of your favorite messages, even if they aren’t on your phone anymore.

  11. Dallas

    I don’t think its the next big thing because what if someone cyber bullied you and then you make those text messages into a book and then read the messages out of the book that made you feel bad, its weird!

  12. Diamond C.

    i say people are trying to hard stop made random things make things that get more kids out side thats coming for my view a kids view

  13. AracheNerd

    I believe the TXT Book would be a TERRIBLE thing! If you had a fight with a friend and forgot about it, then sent them that book, they could be sad, or angry! Or maybe you were doing something you shouldn’t and THAT popped up!! D: This TXT Book thing sounds like a good idea, but really it is for worse.

  14. Marissa-Kilgore

    Yes I believe that a book last longer than a TXT. A TXT you can delete, But you can’t delete a book!

  15. antonette

    no, because i don’t think it would be a good idea to have a book of your texts when you have them on your phone


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