The story of the colonists’ survival in the New World, thanks to their relationship with Native Americans has gone down in history through the traditional meal and celebration of Thanksgiving. Though many foods and recipes used in our modern-day feasts differ from those eaten at the first Thanksgiving, the tradition of generosity and appreciation is always part of the menu.

After a long voyage across the Atlantic to the New World, the colonists experienced a tough year once their boat reached Cape Cod in what is now known as New England. After fighting much disease and settling in Plymouth, the pilgrims, as they are now called, made an alliance with the Pawtuxet and Wampanoag tribes.

The Native Americans taught the pilgrims about fishing, growing corn and finding other foods to harvest. The first Thanksgiving was said to take place after their first successful harvest. Now, many Americans celebrate the holiday by embracing their own family traditions. The theme of gratitude is always a main course.

Take a bite out of our feast of Thanksgiving trivia below.



Feast on the history of this holiday.

Feast on the history of this holiday.

Maggie Rulli tallies the bill for this big holiday.


Stores are opening earlier than ever this year…but should they?


But will they earn a presidential pardon?


Learn the real story of the first Thanksgiving, and discover how the day was made ...

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