The Achievement Gap


By fourth grade only 12% of black male students read at or above grade level — compared to 38% of white male students. The reading level for black males in eighth grade drops to 9%. For white males it decreases to 33%, states a report by the Great City Council for Schools.

American education reform is an important topic for many reasons like the statistics above. Foremost, it concerns all students, because the quality of education for you and your peers has lasting effects over time. All students experience different levels of education quality in the United States. Socioeconomic status, race, gender and ability, all factor into the range of student learning.

The achievement gap is the disparity among these levels. Organizations like the Education Equality Project (EEP) were founded to help improve education for all students. The EEP believes that statistical data for the failures and successes in education will encourage reform to improve the quality of learning for students, eliminating the racial and ethnic achievement gaps in public education.

Did you know that black male students are almost twice as likely as white males to drop out of school? Yet the problem isn’t just for African-American males, drop out rates in the U.S. are very high; on average, an American student drops out of high school every 26 seconds.

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We take a look at the issues in academic achievement for African American male students.


We take a look at the issues in academic achievement for African American male students.

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